Local Ministry Creating Transformation Moments

15 Degrees NE exists to create spiritual environments where transformational moments occur

Designed to be inclusive and strategic 15°NE has a place for you. The vision of 15 Degrees NE is to provide an atmosphere for transformation.

Our desire is to connect, support and leverage the giftings and anointings in the kingdom of God.

Through this vision, we are confident that people will be loved, supported and challenged to act based on the prophetic destiny that God has placed on their lives.

How inspired would you be if you had a community of people who deeply cared about you, believed in you, and then invited you to share your gift for Kingdom purposes? Let’s build that together.

A Christian community focused on creating an environment for transformational moments


Relationship is the starting point.

Relationship is the finishing point.

Relationship is the point all the time.

Having someone believe in you and build into you can change everything.

Take action, we all need what God has given you.

What if God through you is the key to unlocking someone else’s destiny…

God has given each of you a gift…use them to serve one another. 1 Pet 4:10

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lucas profile 15 degrees ne

Lucas Duxbury

Lead Writer and Editor, CEO

I grew up in church, I am a pastor kid, and really my whole life has been one way or another involved in the Christian community.

I was a musician from an early age, and have played guitar in church since I was a teenager, during the contemporary worship transition in the 90s and 2000s.

I have seen a lot, and been a part of a lot. I went to bible school at Hillsong in Australia (2003-2006) before it got crazy, although it was certainly headed in that direction back then.

I was a worship pastor for a local C3 Church here in Calgary for about 7 years, and now run 15 Degrees NE.

I love sharing what God has revealed to me, and I love being prophetic. My main gift is to create an atmosphere where people can experience the Holy Spirit and discover or enhance their true identity. This in turn provides them with an understanding of their role in the kingdom and the agency to act.

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Who we are

Our website address is https://15degreesne.com.

Our Parent Company – 15 Degrees NE is a Parachurch Ministry owned and operated by Lucas James Creative Inc. in Calgary Canada. We are a multifaceted company that does several different things. Https://LucasJamesCreative.com

We create and curate the content on this website as a ministry outreach and the heartbeat of 15 Degrees NE. This site is designed as an online educational resource for everyone. We have some specific subsections for various groups. We have discipleship and training for Christians, we have marketing and media resources for pastors and leaders and we have courses and video content for everyone who wants to learn more about spiritual things.
Lucas James Creative Inc. is also a media company. We buy and sell media assets like websites, and curate their content for revenue. This helps support the ministry and helps us help others generate revenue for their ministry. If you have a church website or ministry website and would like to know more please contact us. We also help non-church or non-Christian-related content sites as well.
Lucas James Creative Inc. also has a production called One Five Studios, which is an Audio/Visual company in Calgary. We support various events, conferences, services, live music events and tradeshows with production, sound, lights and video expertise.