Biblical Numbers

Biblical Numbers

Numbers are very important to God. At 15 Degrees NE we believe that they also hold not only prophetic value and insight but also wisdom and direction. We have set out to explore the biblical mean of all the numbers.

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Biblical Numbers FAQ

What are God’s numbers?

God actually has a meaning that is behind every number, and choose to put meaning into numbers so he could use those meanings. Usually, God himself is referred to with the number 1 as that is the beginning and singularity that is God, God the father.

Having said that there are so many other numbers that have God in them that there isn’t really a number that represents God.

What is the holiest number in the Bible?

Many people will choose the number 1 or the number 7 to be the most spiritually significant number in the bible. Talking about holiness and numbers isn’t really beneficial but there is the number 7 which is the number most used to represent Jesus and the “good” side of the biblical story. This would be in contrast to the number 6 or 666 which is rotten used to represent man or the devil.

Why is 12 a powerful number in the Bible?

12 symbolizes government or structure with authority. This number is used to symbolize organization and prudence, and that will often mean it works it’s way into the things of God as a powerful number in the bible.

There are 12 disciples (twelve apostles), twelve tribes, and 12 people in the governmental structure of the early church. The number 12 has many other symbolic representations throughout scripture and we dive more into that in our number 12 article.

This was true of the Hebrew bible and the current bible. The Hebrew bible is more closely associated with the old testament.

What is Jesus’s number?

The Lord Jesus Christ is most often represented but the number 7. Jesus is a powerful figure in the biblical story and so is the holy spirit, biblical numerology has them throughout, but certainly doesn’t contain them to one number each. The biblical meaning of each number usually has Jesus or the Holy Spirit in them, and biblical numerology as a whole will have both characters, including God the father (known as the holy trinity) in them.