Biblical Numbers

A study on the prophetic and biblical meaning of numbers. We go through each number to find meaning.

Biblical Names

What Does the Name emily Mean In the Bible

What does your name mean in the bible? What does each name mean in the bible?

Spiritual Gifts

What Does the Name david Mean In the Bible

Spiritual gifts are the beginning and end of our unique place in the kingdom, find yours.


General discipleship articles

Spiritual Warfare

General spiritual warfare articles

Biblical Gates

Natural and Prophetic

Biblical Numbers

Spiritual Warfare

Freedom From an orphan spirit

Freedom From an Orphan Spirit

Lucas DuxburySep 16, 20205 min read

The Return of the Prodigals¬†and Freedom from an Orphan Spirit Because we have been involved in global spiritual issues for nearly two decades, we are keenly aware of the power when countries unite their hearts and spirits and align with…

Spiritual warfare Scriptures

Spiritual Warfare Scriptures

Lucas DuxburySep 9, 20208 min read

Spiritual Warfare is Real People might question if the demonic is just superstition or Hollywood fiction, but the Bible doesn’t give those options. The Old Testament mentions Satan 54 times…

How to Shift the Atmosphere Spiritually

How to Shift the Atmosphere Spiritually

Lucas DuxburyJun 14, 201910 min read

How to Shift the Atmosphere Spiritually Shifting the atmosphere is definitely something that we have all experienced either for good or for bad. Some Christians believe it is a personality…

Prayer Points for Divine Protection

Prayer Points for Divine Protection

Barry PawlakApr 14, 20195 min read

Protection is a big deal, and it’s a daily part of the journey with Christ Prayer is a daily part of the Christian life. I don’t think I need to…

What to do when you are under spiritual attack

What to do When You are Under Spiritual Attack

Barry PawlakApr 14, 20196 min read

It would seem to me that most people don’t have a framework for dealing with a spiritual attack. I have found that in the body of Christ, there is a…

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