Creating Transformational Moments

At its core 15 Degrees NE is a community.

A community of believers creating opportunities for transformational moments with Jesus.

Created to connect, support and leverage people’s gifts, talents and anointings so that space is created for the great exchange to happen.

We were not designed to do life alone.

We have a number of writers and contributors to the content on this site. All of it is curated and edit by our lead writer Lucas.

lucas profile 15 degrees ne

Lucas Duxbury

Lead Writer and Editor, CEO

I grew up in church, I am a pastor kid, and really my whole life has been one way or another involved in the Christian community.

I was a musician from an early age, and have played guitar in church since I was a teenager, during the contemporary worship transition in the 90s and 2000s.

I have seen a lot, and been a part of a lot. I went to bible school at Hillsong in Australia (2003-2006) before it got crazy, although it was certainly headed in that direction back then.

I was a worship pastor for a local C3 Church here in Calgary for about 7 years, and now run 15 Degrees NE.

I love sharing what God has revealed to me, and I love being prophetic. My main gift is to create an atmosphere where people can experience the Holy Spirit and discover or enhance their true identity. This in turn provides them with an understanding of their role in the kingdom and the agency to act.

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