What Does Noel Mean In the Bible?

What Does Noel Mean In the Bible?

Names can be a powerful identifier for a person, and it can be daunting to choose the perfect name for your child! You should look at the meaning of the name and its significance, which can change depending upon factors such as the culture or language you are taking the name from.

Names can even have different meanings in religious contexts, such as when a name is found in the text of the Bible in Christianity. An example of a name that has a particular biblical meaning is the name Noel.

Take a look below for more details on the name Noel, including its meaning and its biblical significance when relating to the Christian Bible. 

Meaning of the Name Noel

The name Noel means “birth”, “birthday”, or “to be born”. It is also used as a word or name to reference the Christmas holiday season. Of course, we also know this season is the season of the birth of Jesus Christ. We celebrate His birth on December 25th. Noel is a unisex name, so it can be used for either baby boys or baby girls.

You may see Noel spelled in a few different ways. While, for the purpose of this article, we are spelling it Noel, the name can also be spelled Noelle, Noell, and Noele, among other variations.

Noel originally comes from the Latin root word natalis, which also meant “birth”, “birthday”, or “to be born”. From the root word natalis, the French took the word and called it nael. From the Old French nael, we now have the world noel, which is used as a name, too. In Old English, nowel was a version of the name Noel. 

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Significance of the Name Noel

Of course, as we mentioned above, the name Noel means “birth”, or “to be born”. It can also be interpreted to mean “birthday”. The significance of the name, especially in relation to the Christian Bible, is what it is because of the meaning of the name. Noel is a word or name that is used to reference the holiday season— the Christmas holiday season, to be specific.

The Christmas holiday season is celebrated because it is the season of Jesus Christ’s birth. We celebrate his birth here, which makes sense as Noel means “birth”. Noel can be interpreted to mean Jesus’s birth specifically as well. The root word of Noel, in Latin, is natalis.

Natalis dies was used in Church Latin for a long time to reference Jesus Christ’s birthday, which is just another way to tie the name to the Christmas season and to Jesus Christ. If your child is being born in December or during the Christmas season, then Noel can be a very special name to choose for them. 

Name History of the Name Noel

We went over some of the histories of this name above, but we will do so in greater depth here. The name can be found in many cultures with different spellings, such as French, Spanish, and English-speaking cultures.

This is because the name originally hails from Latin, but was also taken and changed into another version of the word for Old French and Old English. All of these are also “love languages”, which descend from Latin.

The name Noel is a unisex name, which can be used for boys or girls. In certain cultures, it is more popular for boys than girls and vice versa. It is not an incredibly popular name currently. It was most popular for boys in the year 1938.

However, for girls, the spelling Noelle made the top 500 names list in 2021 in the US. A famous Noel is Noel Barrionuevo, an Argentinian Olympian and professional female hockey player. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Noël mean biblically?

Noel is a word that represents the Christmas holiday season. It is pulled from the Latin term nasci, meaning “to be born”. Thus, biblically, Noel means “to be born”, but it is also symbolic of Christmas and the birth of Jesus Christ specifically.

In Old French, nael was a version of Noel that meant the holiday season, and nowel was a version of the name in Old English. 

What does the name Noel mean?

The name Noel is also a word in other languages. It comes from the Old French word noel, or nael, to mean “Christmas”. Noel comes from the Latin word natalis, which means “birth” or “to be born”. Natalis dies was a term that was used for a long time in the Church, in Church Latin.

It was used to reference the birthday of Jesus Christ, which we of course also know as Christmas! This is a name that was then adopted for both baby boys and baby girls. 

What does Noel originally mean?

Noel was borrowed by English speakers but did not originate in or from the English language. Instead, noel comes first from Old French and can be traced all the way back to Latin. Natalis means “birthday”, “birth”, or “to be born” in Latin, and it is the root word of Noel as we know it today.

There is also the English word or adjective of natal. Natal has the same meaning as noel or natalis, and it can trace its way back to having natalis as a root word, too. Noel is another word for Christmas or can be used to signify the holiday season. 

Is Noel a good name?

Of course, whether or not Noel is a good name will depend upon what you are looking for in a baby name. However, Noel can be used for either boys or girls, as it is considered to be a unisex name, so it can work no matter the sex of your child.

It is not a super popular name right now, so it can be a great choice if you are looking for something more unique to name your baby. It can be a great choice if your baby is born in December or during the Christmas holiday season! 

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