What Does Sarah Mean In the Bible

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What Does Sarah Mean In the Bible

If you are choosing a name for your child, you have many different caveats to consider.

Of course, you will want a name that sounds good when spoken and looks nice when written on paper, too. However, you should also consider the name’s meaning and significance, especially in relation to the culture and language you are taking it from. Many names even have a special religious meaning, too!

One such name that has a strong significance in Christianity is the name, Sarah.
Keep reading in order to learn more about the name Sarah and how it fits in relation to the Christian Bible, from its name meaning to where it actually appears in the text! 

Meaning of the Name Sarah

The name Sarah, like every other name, has a particular meaning that can be important to be aware of before you choose the name for your child.

After all, you should understand a name so that you can understand the significance it can have when you bestow it upon a person, especially your own child! Sarah comes from the Hebrew language, and it means “princess” or noblewoman”.

There is no other direct meaning for Sarah, unlike some other names that have more complicated meanings or translations. You may see Sarah spelled differently, such as Sara. It is a feminine name that is given to baby girls.

There is no masculine version of this name, as there are some other feminine names. We will go over the biblical significance of the name further below if you keep reading, as the name does appear directly in the text of the Christian Bible. 

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Significance of the Name Sarah

Now, we will go over the significance of the name Sarah as it appears in Christianity and in the text of the Bible itself. As we mentioned above, the name Sarah is translated from Hebrew to mean “princess” or “noblewoman”.

Sarah was a figure that appeared in the Old Testament of the Bible. She actually had two names. Originally, her name was Sarai. She was the wife of Abraham and the mother of Isaac. When Abraham and God made their covenant, God had some rules and commands that he wanted Abraham to follow.

One of his orders was to Sarai, too. He ordered that she change her name to Sarah, meaning “princess”, and that she do so before her son was born.

By giving her a new name, God was signifying a new beginning for Sarah and Abraham, and for their family— one that was going to be filled with joy and promise! 

Name History of the Name Sarah

As the name Sarah dates all the way back to the Old Testament in the Christian Bible, this is a name with plenty of history! It comes from the Hebrew language and can be translated to mean “princess”.

This is a feminine name that is used for baby girls all over the world. It is also a classic and traditional name, so has been very popular and does not go out of style easily.

For instance, Sarah was first seen in the United States in 1880, and since then, the name has remained in the top 150 baby names. There are also plenty of famous Sarahs who have been throughout the years. The name can be seen spelled with an h, or without the h like Sara. An example of a famous Sarah is Sarah Miles, an English theatre and film actress. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Sarah represent in the Bible?

Sarah is a name that does have a particular biblical meaning and significance. The biblical figure of Sarah was first named Sarai, and later her name was changed to Sarah.

Sarah was the wife of Abraham in the Bible. The name Sarah is a Hebrew name that can be translated to mean “princess” or “noblewoman”. When looking at the fulfillment of the promise in the Christian Bible, Sarah is symbolic of fear and doubt, but Abraham is symbolic of hope and faith. 

What does Sarah mean in Hebrew?

Sarah is a Hebrew name and is a feminine name with no masculine versions of it. This is something to take note of, as there are many names that do have both feminine and masculine versions of them.

The name can be translated from Hebrew to mean “princess” or “noblewoman”. In addition, Sarah was an important figure in the Christian Bible. She was the wife of Abraham and the mother of Isaac. At first, when we meet Sarah, her name is Sarai, which means “quarrelsome”.

However, after Abraham makes his covenant with God, Sarah’s name is changed from Sarai to Sarah, meaning “princess”. 

What does the name Sara mean?

Sara is another spelling of Sarah. The name can be found to be spelled a few different ways, especially in different parts of the world. Both Sarah and Sara come from the Hebrew language.

They are names that can be translated to mean “princess” or “noblewoman” in Hebrew. It is a feminine name and is popular because it is classic and timeless. There have been many famous Saras and Sarahs, and Sarah was even a famous figure in the Christian Bible! She appears in the text in the Old Testament. She is the wife of Abraham and the mother of Isaac.

Why did Sarai change to Sarah?

Sarai was the name of a figure in the Christian Bible. This was the wife of Abraham and the mother of Isaac. However, she is better known as Sarah. This is because she changed her name from Sarai, which means “quarrelsome”, to Sarah, which means “princess” or “noblewoman”.

God and Abraham made a covenant, and then God commanded that Sarai should change her name to Sarah before the birth of her son. This was symbolic on God’s part. God gave her a new name in order to signify a new beginning for Abraham’s family that would be filled with joy and promise. 

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