What Does the Name Amelia Mean In the Bible

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What Does the Name Amelia Mean In the Bible?

What does the name Amelia mean in the Bible?

Amelia has many similar meanings, as it is seen in different cultures such as Greek and Germanic. It is commonly translated, though, to mean “industrious” or “hardworking”.

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Names are important, as they are a way for us to label the people that we interact with. They can be our identity. They also can have many different meanings or significances, depending upon different factors.

For instance, some names differ depending on the culture, language, or location they are being used in. Some names may even have an additional religious meaning or significance, which could be different than the language-based meaning of the name.

One such name with religious significance is Amelia. Read on to learn more about the name Amelia, as well as its significance in relation to Christianity and to the Christian Bible.

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Meaning of the Name Amelia

Of course, the first thing you will want to look at when considering a name is its meaning, so what is the meaning of the name Amelia?

Amelia has many similar meanings, as it is seen in different cultures such as Greek and Germanic. It is commonly translated, though, to mean “industrious” or “hardworking”.

The name may also be seen with a slightly different spelling, as the name Amalia.

These two names are similar, though Amalia is a Hebrew name and essentially the Hebrew version of Amelia. Amalia can be translated to mean “God’s work” or “the work of the Lord”. Further on below, we will go over some more details on the name Amelia and its biblical significance, as well as the name within the Christian religion.  

Significance of the Name Amelia

Now we come to the significance of Amelias as it pertains to Christianity and to the Bible. Amelia does not appear in the Bible, nor does the Hebrew version of the name, Amalia. There are no biblical figures with either of these names. However, that does not mean that the name has no biblical significance!

Here, we will look to the Hebrew Amalia. Amalia is commonly translated to mean “God’s work”, or “the work of the Lord”. This is powerful if you look at the meaning of the name alone! Also, while there are not biblical figures with this name, there was a Belgian saint named Amalberga. Sometimes, she is referred to as Amelia or Amalia.

She was a nun in the 7th century who lived in France. She was also a miracle worker who was beloved by Charlemagne. 

Name History of the Name Amelia

As a name, Amelia has a rich history. It can be found in many different cultures and languages, as we went over above. Amelia has a Germanic origin, but other variations on the name can be found with Greek or Hebrew origins, too, among others.

The name is a feminine given name that is classic and elegant. Like many other old-fashioned names, it is experiencing a resurgence in popularity these days for baby girls. For example, in 2020, the name was at the number 6 spot for most popular girls’ names in the United States.

The first famous Amelia that comes to mind for most of us is Amelia Earhart, the pioneering female pilot who then mysteriously disappeared on one of her journeys. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the full meaning of Amelia?

Name meanings can be important to understand, as they are often one of the reasons we decide on a name in the first place. Many parents use the meaning of a name as a way to instill certain values into their child from birth, even if there is no science to back up the fact that this works— it is more like they are declaring their hopes and dreams for what their child will become. For the name Amelia, for instance, the name means “industrious” or “hardworking”.

What does Amalia mean in the Bible?

The name Amalia is similar to the name Amelia. After all, the two names are only different from each other by one letter! This is often seen, where there are different versions or spellings of a name based upon factors like the language the name is being pulled from, the culture, or the geographical part of the world. Amalia is a Hebrew name.

This means, of course, that it comes from the Hebrew language. In Hebrew, Amalia is translated to mean “God’s work”, or “work of the Lord”. This is similar to the meaning of the name Amelia, which is “hardworking” or “industrious”. However, while Amalia is a Hebrew name, there is no figure in the Bible with this name. 

What’s the spiritual meaning of Amelia?

Many people believe that names have an additional spiritual significance. This does not necessarily mean a religious significance, though many names have that as well! Amelia is translated to mean “industrious” or “hardworking” when you look at the name itself, away from any spiritual or religious meaning.

When you read into this more, in a spiritual sense, though, the meaning of the name can expand to refer to spiritual work, for instance. Amelias, spiritually, are also people who are industrious, powerful, and complete.

They require several different outlets for their energies. Amelias are planners who put in the work and then have others carry out their vision. In addition to industriousness, the name is also said to connote fertility. 

What is the Greek meaning of Amelia?

Amelia is a name that can be found in slightly different versions in different cultures or languages. For example, it is seen in the Hebrew language as Amalia, which means “the work of the Lord” or “God’s work”. It is also a name found originating from the Germanic language to mean “hardworking” or “industrious”. Amelia is also a Greek name.

When referring to the name Amelia as it is found in the Greek, the name comes from the Greek word amali.

This means “soft”, “weak”, or “helpless”. The name in Greek is typically spelled Amalia like the name is in Hebrew. This is a perfect example of how names can differ in meaning or connotation across different cultures and languages.

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