What Does the Name Ava Mean In the Bible?

What Does the Name Ava Mean In the Bible?

Names can give us strength and a sense of identity. They are not simply a tool for easily identifying or labeling ourselves and each other. If we look at the meaning of a name, it can be a way to instill certain values into a person, even subliminally.

We often find names with rich histories and complex meanings in religion, and Christianity is no exception. One example of a name found often in relation to the Bible is the name Ava.

There are a few different forms of this name that you could come across. Read on to learn more about the name Ava and its correlation to the Christian Bible, including its significance and the meaning of the name itself! 

Meaning of the Name Ava

So, first things first, what is the meaning of the name Ava? Ava has a few different meanings in its different forms. The name Ava itself means “voice” in Persian and in Urdu, too. Usually, a name will have a slightly different meaning in different languages, but not in this case— at least, not in the case of Persian and Urdu! However, Ava also has a Hebrew version. The Hebrew version of Ava is Chavah.

The meaning of Chavah is “life”, which is a beautiful name with a beautiful meaning to give to your child, one of life’s greatest blessings. In the Bible, there are also some locations that bear the name Ava. For instance, the Assyrian city of Ivah, or Ava, is mentioned in the text.

While this is not the same as some of the meanings above, Ava can be found as a location name in a few different areas, even in Missouri in the US, too. The name has spread, and part of this can be attributed to it spreading with the spread of the Christian faith throughout our world. 

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Significance of the Name Ava

Of course, the name Ava has a certain significance, too. The significance of the name is tied to its meanings, as well as its appearances in the text of the Bible. As we went over above, the name Ava is a name that means “voice”, or “life”, if we look at Chavah, the Hebrew form of the name. Ava is also believed to be the Latin form of Eve. As we know, Eve is a very important figure in the Bible. She was the first woman, made of Adam’s rib bone, to be his wife. We are all descendents of Adam and Eve, and this can be part of why Chavah means “life”. Eve gave us life. However, this is also where original sin comes from. Eve was tempted by the serpent to eat the apple in the Garden of Eden, and she coaxed Adam to taste it, too. Even with all of this history, Ava is a beautiful name with a special meaning. 

Name History of the Name Ava

Ava is a girl’s name that has been around for a long time. Currently, classic and more old fashioned name are seeing a boom in popularity, so it would be no surprise if Ava begins to become more common. In fact, Ava has seen a jump in popularity in the last severak years, and was the third most popular name of the year in both 2020 and 2021. One example of a famous person named Ava is Ava Lavinia Gardner, who was an American actress and singer. Another famous Ava is the American author, Ava Reid. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Ava from the Bible?

Ava is related to the Christian Bible in a few ways. It is the Latin form of the name Eve. Eve, of course, was Adam’s wife and was tempted by the serpent to eat the apple in the Garden of Eden. Ava, or Ivah, is also a city in Assyria that is mentioned in the Bible. It is mentioned with a group of other cities when talking about the Assyrian gods and how they did not rescue Samaria. 

What is special about the name Ava?

Ava has a biblical significance, making it a more special name in Christianity. It can refer to Eve, as it is the Latin form of the name, for instance. There are also places named Ava. There is Ava or Ivah on Assyria, as mentioned in the Bible, as well as a city in Missouri and the ancient capital of Myanmar. In Persian and in Urdu, the name Ava means “voice”. In Hebrew, Chavah, the Hebrew form of Ava, means “life”. These are both beautiful and poignant name meanings. To name your daughter Ava could be a way to thank God for her life or to hope she will give a voice to the voiceless. 

What does the name Ava mean?

The name Ava has a few different meanings and significances. For instance, it is usually interpreted to mean “voice”. This is its meaning in Persian and in Urdu, too. When it comes to the Hebrew version of Ava, the name is Chavah. Chavah does not have the same meaning as Ava. Instead, Chavah means “life”. In Latin, the name means “bird”, or “birdlike”. Ava can also be interpreted to be another form of the name Eve, so we can look to the name meaning of Eve, too.

What does AVA mean personality?

Ava is a classic girl’s name, and it is also the name of a behavioral assessment tool! The behavioral assessment tool, however, is an acronym so it should be in all caps. AVA, the tool, stands for Activity Vector Analysis. It is said to be easy to use and highly effective. The purpose of this behavioral tool is to render detailed profiles of the individuals who take the test. It helps to identify a person’s natural tendencies and also predict their behaviors in the workplace. For this reason, it is an effective tool for use in the workplace, and it is often implemented in this space. 

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