What Does the Name Blake Mean In the Bible?

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What Does the Name Blake Mean In the Bible?

As we know, names have an interesting history and can be associated with a range of different meanings, depending upon the origins of the name and the area in which you are given the name, for instance.

Meaning of the Name Blake

What does the name Blake mean in the Bible?

The name Blake means “light”, in the Bible, but it can also mean “forgiven”, or “forgiven by Grace”. This is because of the Christian understanding of the name, and how the name and its meaning are viewed by God and his believers. The name Blake also has some other meanings, such as “dark”, which is the inverse of light– this is from the Anglo-Saxon roots of the name, though, and not it’s meaning in the Bible and in Christianity.

For the purpose of this article, we will focus on its meaning and significance in the Bible, rather than the other cultural meanings you may find for the name. It is typically those different meanings that pop up first when you are doing research on the name Blake, but its Christian, biblical translation is even more meaningful if you are looking for a name that has a special significance or translation.

Of course, these differing name meanings still usually have the same common thread, though. Names in the Christian Bible all have their own special meanings, too, and the biblical meaning of a name can be an important factor when you are choosing a name for your child.

Significance of the Name Blake

Of course, as with any name, Blake has a particular significance. As mentioned above, when in relation to the Christian Bible, the name Blake means “light”, “forgiven”, or “forgiven by Grace”. This has a particular significance because it can be related to Jesus, and when Christ died on the cross to forgive mankind for their sins. Forgiveness is very important in the Bible and in everyday life, if we are to follow the teachings of God and of Jesus. Blake can be a great choice of a name if you want to instill this understanding and these beliefs in your child. Plus, it can be a reminder for you, too, to continue to live a life of understanding, forgiveness, and compassion. The meaning of Blake in the Bible has much more significance than its Anglo Saxon meaning when translated. Blake is also a unisex or gender neutral name, meaning that it can be used as a first name for either gender. 

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Name History of the Name Blake

The name Blake does have a rich history! It originates from Old English and is often seen as a surname. In fact, Blake was one of the 14 tribes of Galway in Ireland. However, it can also be used as a first name, which became popular due to William Blake, the 18th century poet. Of course, Blake was a surname for him, but his popularity saw a large boom in people naming their children Blake. Blake can be used as either a boy’s or a girl’s name, so it is another unisex name that typically sees very simialr popularity between both genders. Many of the famous Blakes out there have ensured that this name is one that is still fairly common today– when a famous Blake is in the public eye a lot and successful, it is common for the name to see a spike in popularity among babies being born. An example of a famous Blake is Blake Lively, the American actress. She is one who has been very successful and is well loved by fans these days.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Blake mean in the Bible?

Names have many different meanings, and for many names, they have a biblical meaning as according to the Christian Bible, too. The name Blake is one of these biblical names. In the Bible, Blake means “light”, or “forgiven”– likewise, “forgiven by Grace” is another similar meaning for Blake in the Bible.

What is the meaning of the name Blake?

The name Blake does have several different meanings, depending on the connotation and where the name originates from. When you first do your research, you will find that Blake commonly means “dark”, or “black”, coming as it does from its Anglo Saxon roots. However, if you research the name even further, you will find additional meanings that are not always as commonly known. For instance, in the Bible, Blake does not mean “dark”– it has a different meaning. Blake means “light”, or “forgiven by Grace ” when you look into its meaning in the Christian Bible.

Is Blake a good name?

Of course, whether or not Blake is a good name will partially depend on your own personal preference– if it is not a name that you like or that appeals to you, it will probably not be a good name for naming your child, or other such purposes. However, objectively, Blake is a good, strong name! It is a name that dates back far and has a history– in addition to this, the name has a positive, strong meaning. While the name does have a history, it is more unique than some other traditional names out there, if you are looking for a name that is not quite as common. It can also be used for both boys and girls!

What culture is the name Blake from?

The name Blake hails from England and is said to have Gaelic or Anglo Saxon roots. Blake has roots in Ireland, too, so to say the name is from Great Britain and Ireland is most accurate. It also has origins in and can be found in the Bible. Part of the reason that the name became popular was because of the 18th century poet, William Blake. Of course, for him, Blake was a last name, but it can be either a first name or a surname!

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