What Does the Name Lloyd Mean In the Bible?

What Does the Name Lloyd Mean In the Bible?

In the bible, the name Lloyd doesn’t appear, but its meaning is wisdom or wise one, as the name literally means grey. Grey hair in the bible was associated with wisdom and aged experience.

A name can have a special meaning or symbolism, which can change depending upon the culture it is in or the origins of the name– among other factors!

These meanings will still be similar enough, as they are often tied to the origin or root word of the name itself. The names found in the Bible can also have their own unique meaning or symbolism. One example is the name Lloyd, which can be seen as either a first or a last name these days. Take a look below to learn more about the name Lloyd, including its history and its meaning in the Christian Bible.

Meaning of the Name Lloyd

Firstly, what does the name Lloyd mean, anyway? If you are searching online for its meaning, you will see that the name means “gray”, “gray-haired”, or “gray one”. This is from the Welsh roots of the name, and not from its biblical meaning. Its biblical meaning comes from the association that is tied to the actual meaning of the name. Gray hair was often seen to be a marker of intelligence, wisdom, or maturity. Due to this, the name Lloyd can also be interpreted to mean something along the lines of “wise one”, or “wisdom”. While we are primarily discussing Lloyd as a first name here, it can also be seen as a surname. Some of the popular figures with this last name made it more popular as a given first name! 

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Significance of the Name Lloyd

When it comes to the significance of the name Lloyd, this is something that we see not only every day when people name their child Lloyd for its meaning or correlation, but we also see it in its biblical meaning. In the Christian Bible, there are many instances where wisdom and intelligence are upheld as important features or values. The Bible is full of teachings that help God’s followers to be better and wiser and to uphold God’s word. This is related to the name Lloyd because the meaning of the name– “gray one”– is a symbol of a person who is very wise and knowledgeable. Gray hair was often a symbol of wisdom. Lloyd can be a fantastic name choice if you are pondering baby names, as it can be a way for you to hope that your child will be fair, just, and wise as they grow older. It can be a reminder of a value that is important to you and should be important to your child, too. It is usually seen as a male name, but could also be used for a girl if you are so inclined– this is certainly not as common.

Name History of the Name Lloyd

Now, we come to the history of the name Lloyd. As we mentioned above, it has roots in Wales, as it comes from a Welsh word. Many names in the Christian Bible do have Anglo-Saxon roots, too. It is seen as both a first name and a surname. Often, with names that are also surnames, a particularly famous person with the surname will cause a revival in the popularity of the name as a given first name. One such famous person with this name was Andrew Lloyd Weber, the English composer. Another famous Lloyd is Lloyd Bridges, the actor and father of Beau and Jeff Bridges. Currently, Lloyd is seen as a bit of an old-fashioned name, but it is still found to be popular in certain areas of Wales and England. It is not quite as popular in other areas but may be found to be coming back, as many other old-fashioned names are seeing a revival. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Lloyd mean in the Bible?

Lloyd is a name that means “gray-haired” or “sacred”. It comes from the Welsh Llwyd. It also symbolized and meant wisdom or experience, so it was the name for a person who should receive respect for their intelligence. It is a unisex name that can be used for either gender, but it is more common for males. 

Is Lloyd a good name?

Of course, the name Lloyd will be a good name for some people and some situations– whether it is a good name for you will depend on a few things. Lloyd is a strong, classic name that has positive symbolism attached to it. It is especially popular in parts of Wales, as the name comes from the Welsh Llwyd. It is typically used as a male name, but some do say that it is a unisex name that can be used for both boys and girls. If you are looking for a classic name with a special meaning, Lloyd can be a good choice.

What is the meaning of the name Lloyd?

Lloyd has a few meanings, though they are similar. It means “gray”, “gray one”, or “gray-haired” when you look at the Welsh name that it originates from. It also refers to wisdom or intelligence and experience, as gray hair is typically a symbol of mature intellect and wisdom. The name does not technically mean wisdom directly, but it is symbolic of wisdom through its meaning, which is something to be aware of and to take note of. The name generally refers to the colour gray, with some slight variations such as “gray one” or “gray-haired”, as mentioned above.

What culture is the name Lloyd from?

The name Lloyd is a Welsh name, and it comes from a Welsh word, Llwyd. Llwyd means gray, so the name Lloyd means “gray” or “gray-haired”, translating directly from that Welsh word. As Lloyd is a Welsh name, it is still fairly popular in areas of Wales today, though it is not quite as common in other parts of the world. It is believed that Lloyd was first used as a nickname for a gray-haired person and then became a birth name. It can also be found as a surname in certain places. 

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