What Does the Name Ruth Mean In the Bible

What Does the Name Ruth Mean In the Bible

If you are choosing a name for your child, you know how overwhelming of a task this can be. You of course want to choose a name that is special and unique, but you probably also want to be sure the name has a worthy significance or meaning. There are so many names out there!

You should start by looking at how a name fits into the culture or language you are pulling it from. There are even certain names that have religious significance. An example of this is the name Ruth, which is an important name in Christianity.

Read on to learn more about the name Ruth, from its meaning to its name history and cultural significance in Christianity and in the text of the Christian Bible. 

Meaning of the Name Ruth

First things first, what is the meaning of the name Ruth? Ruth comes from the Hebrew word re’ut. It has a few different meanings or interpretations, but they are still similar. Ruth means “companion”, “friend”, or “vision of beauty”.

The Hebrew word re’ut means “friend”, so the name meaning is directly taken from its root word. The meanings of this name are also related to Ruth’s story and journey in the Christian Bible, which we will go over in more detail below.

Ruth was a friend and loyal companion to her husband’s mother, as the two women went through hardships together. Ruth can be a lovely name if you want to give your daughter the strength and bravery of Ruth, the biblical figure.

Plus, you can also imbue the qualities of friendship and kindness in your child by naming her Ruth, if you look to the meaning of the name itself. 

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Significance of the Name Ruth 

As mentioned above, the name Ruth is usually interpreted to mean “friend”, “companion”, or “vision of beauty”. Ruth was a very important figure in the Christian Bible, and she is one of only two women to have a book of the Bible named after her— the Book of Ruth. Ruth was also the great grandmother of King David. Her story starts when she is widowed, and she remains with her mother in law, Naomi, after the death of her husband. Ruth is a loyal friend and companion to Naomi after the woman loses her sons, and loses her husband, too! Together, the two women journey and must take care of one another. They trust in the Lord, and the Lord protects them and guides them, especially Ruth, on their path. They meet a man named Boaz, who helps to take care of them, and then Ruth and Boaz eventually get married. God brought Ruth to Boaz so that they would be provided for. 

Name History of the Name Ruth 

The name Ruth comes from the Hebrew re’ut, as we mentioned previously. It is a common girl’s name that declined in popularity until recent years, as classic and old-fashioned names are making a comeback. You may also see some other variations of the name Ruth, such as Ruti or Ruthie.

These are also nicknames commonly given to girls named Ruth. Besides the biblical figure of Ruth, there are other famous Ruths, too. One example is Ruth Baden Ginsburg, who was a Supreme Court Justice in the USA. Ruth can also be seen as a surname, such as in the case of Elizabeth Ruth, the Canadian novelist, or Babe Ruth, the baseball player. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does being a Ruth mean?

If you are being a Ruth, or someone says that you are being a Ruth, then this is usually alluding to your connection with God and your faith. This is because of the story of Ruth in the Old Testament.

When someone is being a Ruth, they are obedient and someone who seeks His desires for her life above her own desires. Ruth trusted in the wisdom and guidance of the Lord, and she was patient. Because of this, she was rewarded.

What is Ruth in the Bible known for?

The story of Ruth is from the Old Testament in the Bible. Ruth married outside of her people and abandoned her national identity, even renouncing her religious affiliation. It is said that Abraham was one of the only others who was this radical, but then Abraham had a call from God.

In Ruth’s story, she is widowed and still remains with her husband’s mother, instead of going home to her biological family. She and her mother-in-law go through many hardships together, but they trust in the Lord and He guides them and protects them on their journey. 

Does Ruth mean beauty?

Ruth is a name with a few different meanings. One of the translations of the name Ruth is “vision of beauty”. It can also be interpreted to mean “companion” or “friend”, both of which are similar meanings with the same throughline.

It can also have meanings that are slight variations on this, like “friendship”, “compassionate friend”, or simply “beauty”. These are all according to the Hebrew name and the Hebrew meaning of Ruth. Ruth was an important figure in the Bible who showed us how to have faith in God.

In the Bible, the figure of Ruth was the great-grandmother of King David, another important biblical figure. 

What is the Hebrew word for Ruth?

In Hebrew, Ruth can mean “companion”, “friend’, or “vision of beauty”. These meanings are also pulled from the story of Ruth in the Bible, as she was a faithful friend and companion to her mother-in-law as they endured hardships together.

The Hebrew word re’ut means “friend”. This is where the name Ruth comes from. In the Christian Bible, the story of Ruth, her mother-in-law, and their journey is told in the Book of Ruth. This is one of only two books in the entire Bible that is named after a woman. Ruth was a powerful and important figure in Christianity. 

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