What Does the Name Thomas Mean In the Bible

What Does the Name Thomas Mean In the Bible

Names can be an important identifier for someone, almost like a label. A name can also help to give a person their identity! It is the first gift that a baby enters the world with, so it better be a good one. For this reason, you may find it daunting to pick the perfect name for your baby boy or girl.

Look to the meaning and translation of the name, as well as its significance in culture or religion.

An example of a name that has a special meaning and connection to the Christian Bible is the boy’s name Thomas. Below, we will go over the name Thomas and its biblical appearances and significance, as well as its meaning. 

Meaning of the Name Thomas

The first thing that you will want to know is the meaning of the name Thomas if this is something that you are considering naming your child! Thomas is a name that means “twin”. It has different origins. For instance, it comes from an Aramic word that also means “twin”.

Therefore, the name that is taken from this word has the same meaning. But it does not end there! Thomas also has links to Hebrew. There is a Hebrew word, ta’om, that actually leads to the Aramic word that Thomas pulls from. The Ancient Greek, Latin, and English language took from this Aramic word to form the name Thomas as we are familiar with it today. The name has connections to the Bible, and not just because of the connection of the Hebrew word ta’om to the Aramic word.

We will discuss the significance and biblical weight of the name Thomas in more detail below. 

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Significance of the Name Thomas

As we went over above, the name Thomas is a boy’s given name, and it means “twin”. Thomas was also one of Jesus’ Twelve Disciples and is a saint now in the Christian church. When Jesus Christ was crucified on the cross and died for our sins, and then rose again, Thomas doubted.

Thomas is known for having been the one to doubt the proof of Jesus Christ’s Resurrection, and he demanded that they be given physical proof of the wounds of His Crucifixion.

This is where the term ‘doubting Thomas” comes from, from the lack of faith from this biblical figure of Thomas. Once Jesus showed Thomas His wounds, though, Thomas was the first person who explicitly acknowledged Jesus Christ and His Divinity.

Thomas was a nickname for this particular biblical figure, as he was also called Didymus in the Bible.

Name History of the Name Thomas

As we went over above, the name Thomas comes from an Arabic word, originally. It went through translations in Ancient Greek, Latin, and middle English to get to the name we know it as today.

It also has some Hebrew roots, as a Hebrew word is what informed the Aramic word that Thomas is pulled from. While we commonly think of Thomas as an English name, it was not originally. It traveled across the globe and then became popular in the United Kingdom and the New World, too.

Thomas is a name that can be seen as a given name for baby boys, but also as a surname or a family name. This surname can be for men or for women. It is also a classic name that has always been popular over the years! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Thomas mean in Greek?

In Greek, the name Thomas means “twin”. It is a name that appears in Ancient Greek and in Latin and Middle English, too. Thomas comes from an Aramic word that means “twin”, and the name itself has the same meaning!

Thomas is a classic and common name that appears every day, from the people that you meet to important historical figures, too. Thomas was even found in the Bible. For instance, Thomas was the nickname of one of Jesus’ Twelve Apostles.

Is Thomas a royal name?

The name Thomas descends from Ancient Greek, Latin, and Middle English. It is pulled from an Aramic word that means “twin”. It is also a name that became common with royalty, especially in the United Kingdom. This is partially because of the popularity of the name.

It was used for royalty, yes, but it was also popular among the common folk, too. One of Edward III’s sons was named Thomas, for example. The name Thomas may also appear as a surname, or a last name, for both men and women— while the name itself as a first name is a boy’s given name instead.

What is the origin of the name Thomas?

The name Thomas can be traced from an Aramic word that means “twin”. It is a transliteration of Latin from Greek.

So, the English Thomas that we now know comes from the Latin Thomas which came from the Greek transliteration that comes from the Aramic.  It also has some Hebrew links, too. The word ta’om in Hebrew led to the Aramic word that Thomas originates from.

We commonly think of Thomas as an English name, as being from the UK, but originally, that is not true! The name made it to England and then to the New World over time, as is clear to see here. 

What is a nickname for Thomas?

Thomas, like many names, has some common nicknames. If you are named Thomas or are naming your child Thomas, you can shorten the name to a nickname if you so wish. Thomas can be shortened to nicknames such as Tommy, Tom, Thom, or Tim.

There are various spellings of some of these nicknames, as can be evidenced by Tom and Thom, which are spelled differently but pronounced in the same way. Typically, Thomas is a given name for boys. It can also be seen as a last name, instead of a first name, in some situations. Thomas can either be a given name or a family name!

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