What Does the Number 22 Mean In the Bible?

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What Does the Number 22 Mean In the Bible?

In the Bible the number 22 means sonship and the sons of light. To write the number 22 in Hebrew alphabet you used kaph-beth which means the open palm in the act of giving something to a household and speaks of the fruitfulless mandate in Gen 1:28 and of Jospeh’s fruitfulness as a son in Gen 49:22.

There are also many references to light when it comes to the number 22, like the 22 bowls of oil in the Tabernacle which provided light for the priests.

And most importantly the overcomes, who are the sons of God are the children of light. It is also deeper than that and also includes other areas of sonship.

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Meaning of the Number 22 In the Bible

The number 22 is, of course, double 11, which is a symbol for disorder and chaos. 22 can be a symbol for a significant amount– or a concentration of– disorganization. When the Bible is scoured for the word “light”, it appears 264 times. If you then divide 264 by 12 (meaning divine authority), you get the number 22, representing light.

When the kingdom split in 930 B.C., the first king of Israel reigned for 22 years. This king was Jeroboam I. The king who is said to be the worst of the Israelite kings, King Ahab, also ruled for 22 official years.

King Amon is another king who was considered to be one of the worst kings over Judah– he is significant here because he began his reign as king when he was 22 years old. Then, there is the Hebrew alphabet, which is used to make up the Word of God– the Hebrew alphabet has 22 letters. All of these are significant times when the number 22 occurs. It is the light by which believers are meant to live.

Additionally, there are some other ways that the number 22 is significant. It is a number that is often found repeating itself in the Bible, so it has its significance because of its many appearances, too. For instance, the original number of books for the Old Testament that were finalized by Ezra the prophet and the Great Assembly is 22 books.

This was intended to correspond to the 22 letters that make up the Hebrew alphabet. Of course, most of the modern versions of the Bible have 39 books in the Old Testament instead. 

Appearances of the Number 22 In the Bible

When it comes to biblical meaning, biblical numerology and biblical prophesies you need to look at the places in the bible where the thing occurs. For biblical numerology specifically we look at the places where the number occurs in the bible, and other things like chapters and verses that match the number.

As mentioned above, the number 22 has many different appearances in the Bible, and it manifests itself in different ways in these appearances, too. For instance, God created 22 different things during the 6 days of creation, before his seventh day, which was his day of rest. 

Also, there are 22 separate generations from Adam to Jacob. Another time that 22 comes into play with the number of people in a family or tribe is in the priestly tribe of Levi. When Moses raised up the tabernacle of God, this tribe consisted of 22,000 men who were a month or older. 22,000, of course, is a multiple of the number 22. 

22 was also seen during Jesus’ death, in the New Testament. Right before Christ died on the cross for the sins of mankind, he quoted from the first verse of Psalm 22. Psalm 22 was written by King David. This happened on Passover, right before 3 pm. Some of those who were nearby and heard Christ misheard, and thought that he was asking Elijah for help. Rather, he was quoting part of Psalm 22 using what was likely a mixture of the Hebrew and Syriac languages. 

Last, but not least, there is the 22nd book of the Bible. If these books are in chronological order, this book is the Book of John, which he wrote to Gauis, who was his friend and elder.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the number 22 signify?

The biblical meaning of the number 22 is mostly connected to sonship and light but doesn’t have nuances to it. Depending on what the context is or where it is found. For instance, lots of people see it as a symbol of good luck or good things to come. However, in the Bible, the number 22 has a bit of a different meaning. It is a concentration of disorganization and is double 11, which symbolizes order and chaos. So when you think of double order and chaos you come to sonship, how? Because a true son is the opposite of order and chaos, and will help the previous generation out of that.

The biblical meaning of numbers more often than not has multiple meanings, usually two, and the context surrounding the number, or seeing the number reveals which direction we should go. With 22 it is more direct that it is about sonship and remembering that we are all connected in a family.

What is the 22 book of the Bible?

The 22nd book of the Bible is the “Song of Solomon,” also known as the “Song of Songs.” This book is a collection of love poems and is unique among the books of the Bible for its celebration of romantic love.

It is also interesting to note that Solomon is always presented as the son of David. His origin story is one of the most important stories in the bible which includes sin and redemption and then a promise for the son.

What does the number 2 mean in Hebrew?

In Hebrew and in the Torah, the number 2 is significant. This is because the Torah begins with the letter Beht– the letter Beht also has a numerical value of 2. In addition to this, the number 2 means to bring a blessing– barukh or berakhah begins with the letter Beht. So, 2 can be a sign of blessings to come your way. However, there is also a negative way to interpret this number– if the negative side of the number 2 is being reflected, it can be a sign of the inverse of coming together and of blessings. This would be division and chaos. 

What is the Last Verse in Revelation?

The last verse of revelation is Revelation 22:21 –

“The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen.” (King James Version)

Interestingly, there is no verse 22. We will spend our eternity as sons and daughters of God, which would be us living inside verse 22 of chapter 22 forever. The biblical prophesies will be complete and we will be living in the fullness of God.

Revelation is in the new testament, not the old testament it has spiritual significance for several things, and show’s us God’s wisdom, divine order and of course God’s plan.

How Do Numbers Help Us Connect to God?

Numbers are important to God, and he measures everything. When studying biblical numerology we can get a deeper understanding of the way God does things. Divine messages are not the only thing that is important when it comes to numbers and biblical numerology or biblical prophecies, there are a several ways to think about it when it comes to spiritual significance and prophetic meaning.

A number can just be a number, but when you see it repeated, and you feel like the Holy Spirit is trying to get your attention it is worth a moment to determine what that might mean for you.

The simple belief that God can speak to you through numbers, symbols, colours and text is a beginning to your connection. God will speak to you in a variety of ways, and we need to remain open to receive those messages.

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