What Does the Number 222 Mean In the Bible?

What Does the Number 222 Mean In the Bible?

Numbers do not simply serve the function of quantifying objects, though of course, that is their main purpose. They can also have symbolism and mean different things, or send special messages.

This is studied under the title of numerology. However, numbers also have special meanings in literature, such as in the Christian Bible– this can differ from their meaning in numerology. One such number is the number 222, which can be found in the Bible and has a special meaning in religion.

Read on to learn more about what does the number 222 mean in the bible and how can I apply the number 222, and its meaning, significance, and appearance in my life.

Meaning of the Number 222 In the Bible

Of course, the first thing you will want to know is the meaning of the number 222 when it is found in the Bible. This meaning is not necessarily the same as the meaning of the digit in other religions, or in numerology, though there is some overlap! In the Bible, the number 222 means a union, especially a union between man and woman– such as in the creation of Eve. It is also a symbol of unity, which again relates back to a union and the creation of Eve. Another interpretation of the number 222 is happiness, meaning that we can only be truly happy if we are ready to give to others and share things with others, too. 

Multiple number 2s in the Bible do appear often, and sometimes, it is a bit difficult to interpret their meaning. They can have meanings like unity and be linked to the creation of Eve as discussed above, but they can also be interpreted in relation to Jesus’ return to Earth. 222 and other multiple 2s can also reveal the ways that rewards will be parcelled out and distributed once a person enters the kingdom of heaven, and how we should deal with temptation. 

Luke 2:22 is an example of how 222 can be related to Jesus– it and Luke 22:22 both go over the murder plot against Jesus. In the second verse of Luke 22, is one of the only places where it was recorded that people were trying to kill him before he was arrested. Then, in verse 22 of Luke 22, it is told that Jesus was aware of who was going to betray him and turn him into the religious authority from the beginning. 

The number 222 appears in many areas of the Bible. One of these is in the book of Ecclesiastes, which was written by King Solomon between 970 and 930 BC. It has 222 verses. One of the most influential science fiction books was also inspired by the number 222, as it was inspired by Exodus 2:22. In Exodus 2:22, it is said that Moses named his first child Gershom.

Gershom can be translated to mean “I have been a stranger in a strange land”. In 1961, Robert Heinlein published the science fiction book Stranger In a Strange Land, which is inspired by this verse and the meaning of Gershom’s name. 

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Appearances of the Number 222 In the Bible

Now that you know the meaning of the number 222 in the Bible, we can go over the different ways and times that this number– as well as some other multiple 2s– make their appearance in the Bible, too!

There are plenty of appearances of 222 alone in the Christian Bible.

Genesis 2:22

The first time it appears is in Genesis 2:22. This is in relation to the creation of woman– the verse tells that women was not a separate creation, but instead made from a rib borrowed from Adam. This was done to emphasize the close relationship that God intended for marriage. From the start, matrimony was meant to be a marriage of equals. After sin emerged, this changed to men being considered head of the family.

Deuteronomy 22:22

Deuteronomy 22:22 is another appearance of multiple 2s. It is related to Genesis 2:22, where the Bible goes over the closeness of marriage. The punishment of adultery is what is discussed in Deuteronomy 22:22– under the Old Covenant, the man and woman who willingly committed adultery are to be put to death. According to God, this penalty or punishment would help to “put away evil” from any nation that utilized it. 

Psalm 22:22

Another instance of multiple 2s is in Psalm 22:22. This is where David praised God publicly and declared his name to the people after being saved by him. In 2Samuel 22, David calls God his Rock and his Deliverer.

Paul’s writings later reveal that David was also praising the name of Jesus Christ himself. The number 2222, a case of multiple 2s, is seen in the book of Acts. It records how John the Apostle was condemned after he defended his ministry at the temple of Jerusalem.

Acts 22:22

In Acts 22:22, zealous Jews said “Away with such a one from the face of the earth, for he is not fit to live!” as he ended his speech. However, his arrest will be the catalyst that leads him to preach the gospel all over the Roman Empire.

Matthew 18

There is also symbolism with the number 2 and multiple number 2s. In Matthew 18, Jesus uses this symbolism and warns that it is better to lose a hand, a foot, or an eye than to have two hands, feet, or eyes condemn us.

Sin is generated out of thoughts and choices, so this means that the Lord is not condoning self-mutilation as a way of dealing with our sins. Instead, he is telling us to deal with the temptations that lead to it, and to do so decisively. 

Matthew 25

Jesus also uses the number 222 to teach a lesson in Matthew’s 25 parables of the talents. Verse 22 speaks of those who enter God’s kingdom. The man who received 2 talents doubled the money of his master, just like the person who received 5 talents did.

The Lord rewarded both of them equally, which showed that he judges and rewards fairly, based upon what a person is able to do with what they are given. 

Luke 17

Last, but not least, Jesus also used an example of 2 men in bed, 2 women grinding, and then 2 men in a field. This instance, or example, of multiple 2s was used as a warning to tell us that many people were going to be arrested and killed prior to Christ’s return to earth. This was in Luke 17:34 – 36, as well as in verse 37.

It can also be considered to be an example of 222, as it is 3 instances of 2s used in the example.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the number 222 mean in the Bible?

The number 222 is a number that pops up in the Bible, and if you have seen it in the Bible, you may wonder about its significance. 222 is a powerful message from God, symbolizing unity in the scripture. It can also be representative of happiness and can mean that we can only be truly happy if we are ready to give and share things with others. This does tie into unity as well! 

What is the deeper meaning of 222?

The deeper meaning and symbolism of the number 222 are unity and happiness. The number is known to be a message of hope, being representative of trust, balance, harmony, life choices, commitment, and compromise– especially in numerology. It is generally meant to be understood that you are able to build on the current situation that you are in, in order to achieve your goals. It is a good sign if you see the number 222 when you are facing important decisions or conflicts and changes in your life. 

What does the number 222 mean in numerology?

222 is a number that can be found in many capacities, from in the Bible to having a strong meaning in numerology. If you do see the number 222, numerology says that it can mean that the universe and its spiritual beings, too, are trying to strengthen and build upon your faith. The number serves as a reminder of all that you can achieve, and that you are headed in the right direction in your life. It is considered to be a very powerful number in numerology. The number 2, which is of course part of 222 is a symbol of endurance and tolerance when it comes to numerology. 

What does the number 2 mean in the Bible?

In the Bible, the number 2 means a union, as well as a division or verification of the facts by witnesses. For instance, in regards to a union, a man and woman are two in number but made one in number when they are unified. 2 is the number that forms the basis of duality. For this reason, it does have a spiritual or religious significance in many different cultures or religions. 

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