What Does the Number 59 Mean In the Bible?

What Does the Number 59 Mean In the Bible?

Of course, the first thing that you are going to want to know is the meaning of the number 59 as it occurs in the Bible. The number 59 is largely thought to be symbolic of redemption.

This meaning is derived not only from the Scripture but from the history behind some of the events that are written about in the Scripture! The meaning of the number can also be linked to the meaning of mercy and God’s mercy specifically. This can be seen in Psalm 59, where David asks God for His protection, and then sings of the abundant mercy of the Lord.

Introduction to the Meaning of 59 In the Bible

When we are reading literature or holy texts, we will of course encounter different numbers in the writing. Numbers are important in conveying information, as they help to quantify this data and information.

However, sometimes we need to look a little deeper. Many numbers also have particular symbolism tied to them, so their inclusion in the text can be less so to quantify information and can be due to their symbolic meaning instead.

These numbers can have symbolism in relation to numerology but often have very important biblical or religious symbolism as well. One particular example is the number 59. 

Read on to learn more about the number 59 and how it relates to Christianity and to the text of the Christian Bible. Below, we will go over the meaning of this biblical number, as well as its appearance in the text and its significance, too. 

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Appearances of 59 In the Bible

As we briefly touched upon above, the number 59 does appear many times in the Christian Bible. This is actually not always the case for biblically significant numbers. Sometimes, they have a special meaning but still do not appear at all in the text!

One of the times that we do see the number 59 is when Paul was a Roman prisoner in Caesarea. In 59 AD, this was the midpoint of his 2 years as a prisoner there. He was not able to leave the city until he was sent to Rome on a ship per his own request.

When he arrives in Rome to stand trial before Nero, he is then 59 years old! Another time that we see this number is in Isaiah 59, where many of the reasons that God does not respond to prayers asking for His help are revealed. 

Significance of 59 In the Bible

The significance of the number 59 can be partially attested to its appearances in the Bible, which do make it more significant and add more significance to the number. There are some important verses or books in the Bible that have to do with 59.

For instance, there are exactly 59 verses in all of the following— Leviticus 13, Luke 12 and John 8. In the King James translation, the words “redeeming” or “redeem” also appear in at least 59 different spots.

Most of these times that the words occur are in the Old Testament. In the KJV Bible, the 59th book is the Book of James. James was blessed with an appearance of Jesus, post-resurrection, right before His ascension into heaven.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is special about the number 59?

The number 59 not only has some special symbolism but has some interesting facts about it, too! For instance, it is the highest integer that a single symbol can represent in the Sexagesimal system.

As the number 17 is prime, the number 59 is a super prime number! In numerology, the number 59 is believed to be a special message from the divine realm, and from your angels and the Archangels. 

What is God’s holy number?

The number 777 is one of the numbers that has a biblical meaning and a connection to God and Christianity. 777 is the biblical number that means God’s number. It appears significantly and many times in the text of the Christian Bible.

The number 7 is also related to God.

For instance, it took 7 days in the Book of Genesis when God created the world. God also has a sevenfold spirit, so 7 and 777 are linked to God and to this sevenfold spirit as well. 777 is viewed as being a perfect number, as it maintains a very strong connection between both the cosmos and Creation.

What separates us from God?

When we are worshiping God, we want to be close to Him and mold ourselves in His and Jesus’ image. However, there is something that always separates us from God.

This is sin.

Sin separates us from God, just as sin also separates us from our fellow men and women. God’s holiness and man’s sinfulness does keep us separated, but that does not mean there is no way around it.

The best way to stop sin from separating us from God is forgiveness. To forgive can help us to be closer to God and to Jesus Christ. 

What is meant by the arm of the LORD?

The arm of the Lord is referred to in the Bible. It appears in Isaiah 53. The text reads: “Behold, the Lord God comes with might and his arm rules for him.”

You may wonder what the arm of the Lord means, and this is God’s right arm, meaning His justice, His holiness, and His strength. However, the arm of the Lord also refers to the servant.

The servant is God’s arm and God’s arm is also symbolic of God’s saving power and the power of forgiveness and deliverance for Christians. The arm of the Lord can save us when we are sinking or struggling. God loves us and will give us His strength and His holiness when we are in need. 

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22nd June 2023. GOD told me just as I woke up to look up number 59. In my dream I turned to a page in the bible and read the words…you are my servant!!